Laika’s Rescue Platform

Laika aims to develop an online global platform connecting owners with adopters taking pressure off over-capacity shelters and rescue centres, to facilitate direct adoption between animal lovers who can no longer care for their pet — and loving adopters.

Why is it important?

Every year millions of animals are euthanized due to shelters and rescue centres operating at full capacity, running out of resources and being unable to care for the rescued animal.

In the USA alone:

• 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year.

• One third of them, or 2.1 million, are pets people had to give up.

• In the US shelters are forced to euthanize 1.5 million animals each year.

Laika Pet Rescue aims to reduce the burden these shelters, and rescue centres face, every minute of every day through direct adoption and directly helping to save animal lives.

Laika’s Rescue Mission

Laika Pet Rescue aims to find pets a new loving home before the need to resort to a shelter helping reduce the burden on shelters by up to one third. This directly results in shelters having more resources and helps saves animal lives by reducing the need to euthanize.

• People who want to adopt have the confidence of knowing that the pets they view online are truly available. There are no pet actors.

• Owners can safely message with, and meet with potential adopters, so they can gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing their pet is going to a loving home.

• Adopters can learn about pets from the owners who know them best and meet the pet in a low-stress environment where they are calm.

How will it work?

Laika Pet Rescue will operate an online searchable database of pets populated by Guardians.

Adopters will be able to search this database and request to connect with Guardians who can then communicate directly with a potential new loving home for their pet.

Once a Guardian has found the right Adopter for their pet, the Guardian relinquishes ownership of the pet to the Adopter in line with any local laws.

The Guardian then updates the database for their pet listing to “re-homed”.

Laika Pet Rescue will apply a small fee to the Adopter and invite them to join Club 1957 where they can share the news of their adoption and post regular updates of the latest adventure in their new pets’ life for the whole Laika Community to follow.

What are the benefits to LaikaCoin?

First and foremost, LaikaCoin has evolved to become an animal charity coin.

Our number one purpose is to focus on promoting animal welfare and bettering the lives of animals all over the world. Any exposure complementing the work we do is positive public relations.

Additionally, we will charge a small fee to Adopters which will primarily be used to maintain and develop Laika Pet Rescue; however, the LaikaCoin charity wallet will receive most of the balance above these costs to help the welfare of animals all over the world.

Finally, a small portion of this fee will go directly to our marketing wallet to help promote LaikaCoin and enable us to grow and meet our other charitable commitments as laid out in our lite paper.

Development Plan

Q3 2021

• Laika Pet Rescue roadmap & litepaper published.

• Laika Pet Rescue platform beta testing

• Laika Pet Rescue fee structure, user guide & relevant statements published.

Q4 2021

• Laika Pet Rescue platform go-live.


  • Laika Pet Rescue [1] “Shelter Connect”.
  • Laika Pet Rescue [2] “Borrow my pet”.
  • Laika Pet Rescue [3] “Laika Partners”.

[1] Shelter Connect will be the first phase in the evolution of Laika Pet Rescue opening the platform up to enable Adopters connect with Shelters who require emergency rehoming.

[2] Borrow my pet will be the second phase in the evolution of Laika Pet Rescue allowing Guardians who are unable to look after their pets for a short period of time find animal lovers who can look after their pet in a safe and loving environment.

[3] Laika Rescue aims to partner with animal welfare organizations such as vetenarians, pet stores and charties to further strengthen the platform making the re-homing an even less stressful expierence for the four-legged friends.

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