LaikaCoin Official Announcement

What Happened?

On April 27th the original LaikaCoin developer claimed that Virgin Galactic had targeted LaikaCoin for using their logos and name in association with a promotion without consultation or authorization following an article on attributing LaikaCoin with a rise in Virgin Galactic’s share price ( Allegedly, Virgin Galactic threatened legal action against the domain host, and the host was forced to take down the site and disclose their personal details.

In a panic that they were about to face legal action, the developer sold the tokens from their personal wallet (over 5% of circulating supply) crashing the price and causing many of us to panic-sell.

We would like to emphasize that this is not a rug pull and that the contract and all liquidity remain untouched.

What is the situation now?

The original developer has relinquished their involvement and the community has taken over. Laika remains a fair, community-owned token committed to fulfilling its original purpose of using the innovations of its auto-liquidity-generating protocol to address animal cruelty, welfare, and safety by establishing and maintaining working relationships with animal welfare organizations.

Core members of the original Laika community have taken over and are trying to leverage all the good work that has been done so far to rebuild LaikaCoin and protect everyone’s investment. The original developer still controls 3 wallets, which between them hold c. 5% of the circulating supply. Our understanding is that these had been set aside for marketing purposes, and they have yet to be touched. We are working to try to take control of these wallets so that we can use them to further the aims of the community. The original developer suggested that their intention is to hand them over, once they trust that the new controlling group has the best interests of the Laika community at heart.

What do we need from the community?

We ask for patience and support from the community as we reinstate our website and continue to progress toward the completion of our development goals, which include listing on and, as well as furthering our community partnerships to fulfill our commitments to animal welfare.

We ask for any interested and skilled members of the community to contact the new team, as we have begun to onboard team members who wish to volunteer their time, skills, and energy to help us re-establish the exceptional potential of this coin and launch it to where it belongs — well beyond the stratosphere.

Future of LaikaCoin

The future of Laika belongs to our community. We are going through a major shift of rebranding of Laika Coin and are working on a new strategy. We will share those details once everything is finalized.


This has been a terrible experience for all of us, none of us could have expected that we would be here, now, when the previous week had shown so much promise. We need everyone to pull together to support LaikaCoin and its new team so that we can best realize its potential. Laika is its community, and it’s by us all banding together that we will succeed.

Laika will still go to the moon, and this time she’ll make it home.

Help us rebuild Laika’s rocket ship by following:

Our new website:

Our new Telegram:

Our new Twitter:

Buy Laika on Pancakeswap:


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Laika Community

Laika Community


Laika Community 🐕 Laika is a Token which focuses on animal welfare We are Community Owned of over 40k holders and a Doxxed-Team